The following members reached the significant milestone of playing with the band for 50 years or more!

In alphabetical order:

Virginia ‘Virgie’ Baus – Flute

Prudence ‘Prudy’ Casper* – Flute/Piccolo

Kathy Hanke* – French Horn

Edward Hansen – Alto horn

Barbara ‘Barb’ Pahr – Clarinet

Eugene ‘Butch ‘ Reineck – Trombone

John ‘Schmitty’ Schmitz* – Clarinet

James ‘Jim’ Steffen – Cornet

Dr. Edgar P. Thiessen – Conductor/Clarinet

Terry Thiessen – Percussion

Karen Thiessen* – Saxophone

Donna Wirth * – Clarinet

Warren Wirth – Cornet

Dale Zimmermann – Tuba

*current playing member

Since its formation in 1928, the Kiel Municipal Band has had the honor of playing under the direction of four conductors.

Jacob Zwickey 1928-1934

Dr. Edgar P. Thiessen 1934-1984

Dr. Lewis Schmidt 1984-2012

Dr. Jon Meyer 2012 – present