Masks: For the benefit of all, we ask that masks are worn before and after rehearsal. We will have a supply of paper masks available if you forgot yours or otherwise need one.

If you want to keep your mask on during rehearsal, while we are not playing, you may do so. If you wish, you could also try making a slit or cut out for the mouthpiece on a mask. We have also seen performance masks available for purchase with precut openings. The percussion section and conductor can wear masks for the entire rehearsal.

Spacing: We will do our best to put at least 6 feet or more between players, which means we will be spread out over the entire gym. We will keep the ceiling fans running, and we have been assured the HVAC system is in good repair and able to circulate the air sufficiently.

Sanitation: We will have several pump hand sanitizer containers as well as disinfecting wipes available for your use at rehearsals. The restrooms and drinking fountains at City Hall are all open and working. Use them at your discretion. It is suggested that you bring your own water bottle to rehearsals and concerts.

BRASS PLAYERS: bring your own towel(s) to blow your spit valves into. You will also have to rig up some kind of cloth thing on your spit valve so that when you clear it during playing it doesn’t spray out into the air.

Marching: We again ask that you wear a mask and distance while we wait for the step off before each parade. We will do our best to keep the parade spacing as wide as possible at lineups. With these protocols in place, I think we are not at risk before and during the parade, but you may wish to consider what you do after the parade (i.e. going to the food stands, hanging out with the crowds, etc.).

Concerts: We’ll bring the hand sanitizer and wipes along to concerts. Wear masks before and after, and distance, same as rehearsals.