Masks: Mask wearing is optional, per the latest CDC recommendations.  We encourage you to follow your own comfort level in masking.  Please, be respectful of others for either wearing or not wearing a mask.

If you want to keep your mask on during rehearsal, while we are not playing, you may do so. If you wish, you could also try making a slit or cut out for the mouthpiece on a mask. We have also seen performance masks available for purchase with pre-cut openings.

Spacing: We will do our best to put adequate space between players. If you wish to have more space, please ask those around you to move a little further apart. Again, we as a band respect each other’s needs and preferences. We have been assured the HVAC system is in good repair and able to circulate the air sufficiently.

Sanitation: We have hand sanitizer containers and disinfecting wipes available at rehearsals. We suggest that you bring your own water bottle to rehearsals and concerts.

BRASS PLAYERS: Bring your own towel(s) to blow your spit valves into. Clean up after yourselves if the water goes on the floor.

ALL WIND PLAYERS: Be mindful of nearby people when you clear condensation from your instruments.

Marching: We do not believe that we are at risk before and during parades, but you may wish to consider what you do after the parade (i.e. going to the food stands, hanging out with the crowds, etc.).

Concerts: We use the same protocols as at rehearsals.