Kiel Municipal Band Code of Conduct


Respect – All members should respect their peers. We will not allow any kind of discriminatory behavior, harassment, or victimization

Protection of Band Property – All members should treat band property with respect and care. Members should protect our rehearsal and performance spaces (city owned or rented) and other material property (e.g. band trailer, instruments, chairs, folders, etc.) from damage and vandalism whenever possible.

Professionalism – All members must show integrity and professionalism while representing the KMB. All members will were the assigned concert attire or band uniform requirements for each performance.

Collaboration – This is a community band, therefore, all members should be friendly and help remove obstacles for others.

Acceptance of Others – All members shall be accepting of others and respect them as individuals.

Responsibility – All members must follow through with their commitments; think about the consequences of their actions,; and take responsibility for their health and well being.

Appreciate – All members should be thankful for their musical ability and be appreciative of other’s commitment to the group. Celebrate the achievements of others and the group as a whole.

Community – The KMB has high standards/expectations in how we look while marching or performing a concert. However, we cannot lose sight that we are a community band.